Media Unites and Separates is a Nordplus Youth Exchange project which gather Pumpuru vidusskola (Pumpuri Secondary School), Toholammin Lukio (Toholampi Upper Secondary School and Toholampi Secondary school) and Luunja Keskkool (Luunja Secondary School). 

The main aim of the project is to encourage young people to become promoter of media literacy among their peers. Project aims also to increase critical thinking of young people and raise their cultural awareness and tolerance. Through group work, discussion and workshops participants increase their knowledge about media literacy, how does social media create image of different cultures and contribute to stereotypes, to get to know persuasive and manipulative techniques, and propaganda in social media. Participants also increase competencies in the use of media particularly in photo, video and social media. 

The main results of the project is photos, videos and other material created during the Youth Exchange and a campaign aiming at promoting media literacy and cultural awareness and tolerance among young people in their local communities. The result of the project also is competitive youth about social media role in everydays life. 

All partner schools have students in age group 15 – 17 and this is a target group of this project. Pumpuri Secondary School coordinate the project.  All partner schools is equally responsible of the planning of the project and during all project time.

Pumpuru vidusskola (Pumpuri Secondary school) and Toholammin Lukio (Toholampi Upper Secondary school and Toholampi Secondary school) have a long-time friendship - 30 years and Pumpuru vidusskola (Pumpuri Secondary school) and Luunja Keskkool (Luunja Secondary school) have a resent but very powerful connection and friendship. All three schools are willing in wider and stronger cooperation between them. There are three main objectives in this project: 

1. Three mobilities - it is a chance to expend our friendship to a new level and make it more purposeful. The partner school’s students exchange will help to maximize and widen their and teacher’s knowledge, skills and experience about Media Literacy. This will help the persons involved in the project become more active in future – in their working life.

 2. Developing ICT skills and creativity. During the project students will make video, photo, audio materials about Media Literacy in all involved countries that will be used by other students and teachers in the future education process at school.

 3. The experience gained during mobilities in Media Literacy activities of critical thinking will form the habits to make a proper view to current situation or problem.

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